I’ve spoken at events all around the world and been interviewed for some podcasts.

One of my favorite ways to share my ideas is live, where there’s so much more communication bandwidth than there is in writing, and I love podcast interviews because they give me the opportunity to answer questions instead of just present my opinions.


Unraveling the Metaverse

Voluntary lecture at a university - August 2023

Watch our enlightening journey through the new digital frontier - the Metaverse. This recorded talk covers essentials like its definition, intended audience, and how to engage with it, along with the societal impacts. Catering to both tech enthusiasts and the simply curious, the session provides a comprehensive understanding of the Metaverse, its enticing opportunities, and the challenges we face. Dive in to stay ahead of the digital curve!

Tips on people skills and careers

Driven T7: People skills & careers - July 2021

A conversation with more than 150 people who were starting their careers in software development where I could share my story, answer people's questions, and give important tips that got me where I am today.


Software engineer life in Brazil

Santana Talks - October 2020

A conversation among programmers, where I share tips and experiences about my life as a programmer.